Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tea and Celebration

The desire for tea is as good an excuse as any for celebration. And so I shall throw a party this morning in honor of my new blog. I am putting on the kettle, and my Lady Grey is patiently awaiting the singing of the kettle's whistle.

I'd like a little fellowship this morning, so I am requesting the pleasure of your company at my table. Pull up a chair and join me in some grand conversation. Let's celebrate one another... after all, there is really no time like the present to appreciate the true value and genuine blessings of friendship. As you sip your tea (or coffee, as I know some of you must have that jolt of java) this morning, let us consider how to more fully appreciate the wonders of friendship. My creativity challenge for you today is that you find one friend you can encourage by telling them one thing about them that is unique and meaningful to you.

Grace and charm to you...

Welcome to Charm & Grace Cottage!

Some of you may be familiar with my other website and blog, and you may be wondering why I am starting a new blog. The Charm & Grace web magazine is published seasonally, so it isn't updated frequently and isn't a great place to put new and fresh content. Since my Charm & Grace Blog is greatly personal in nature... featuring my artwork, my travel snippets, and my personal feelings about this or that... the posts there can tend toward wordiness and complication. I wanted to have a place to share little bite sized flourishes of loveliness about things, even more frequently than I would post them to my personal blog. I also wanted to check out the features of a "ready made" blog from one of the major blog hosts. So Charm & Grace Cottage -- via Blogger -- was my answer. I am hoping to have something short and simple, yet fresh and new each day to inspire and promote creativity. So, welcome to my cottage... the door is always open, the kettle is on for tea, and the canvas is blank and waiting for just the right colors!

Grace and charm to you...