Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In and Out

Well, the in-laws moved out about as quickly as they moved in. So many life lessons were learned during their stay, but none more meaningful than how to be an unselfish houseguest. What a blessing they are to me and my family! And I thought I would share a little artwork that I have been working on in class. My mother and I have the best time painting together, and it's really quite a wonder that we get any painting done at all. But here are a few...

This first one is finished. Not my favorite but my teacher thinks those of us (me) who are trying to paint too realistically need to loosen up. I really did try in this painting of a spot in Norway which he shot a photo of on his recent trip there.

This next picture is of a few bottles. Something in this photo just caught my attention, and I had to paint it. I am not quite done with it yet... still need to work on the table as it looks like the bottles are falling off the back.

And this one is really loosely done... about 30 minutes of work in it, so far. I am by no means finished with it... a field of wildflowers. Can you guess what is missing?

Hope everyone is staying out of this wretched heat. My car thermometer read 104 degrees today, for the fourth day in a row. I think I could stand that kind of heat if the humidity were not at 95%. I feel like a piece of steamed broccoli wilting my way here and there to my various errands. Surely this can't go on and on.

I am also busy with a couple of new commissioned home drawings and staying busy with website and logo design, too. Not much time to visit my friends during these busy days. Hope to come for a visit to your place very soon.