Sunday, February 28, 2010

A(n art) Room of One's Own...

Long, long ago... (last August, to be exact) I posted about redoing what was then my living room, in order to turn it into an art/office space. The room was more parlour than living room and was rarely ever used. The color of the walls was a dark burgundy... not the kind of space that would be conducive to doing detailed artwork.

With no overhead lighting and only one window, this space would need a serious overhaul. This has been a challeging and very, very busy fall and winter. I have had many commissions, health issues, and a lot of things going on with my children and their activities. But, finally last week I got an early birthday present.

I am moving from this space in the corner of my dining room...

...and with a generous helping of "Provence Cream"

and a little help from this...

...I now have this

and tomorrow I will celebrate by enjoying doing my artwork in a room of my very own!

Happy birthday to me!! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calling all who loved the original Victoria magazine

A while back I reserved a blog with the intent that I would offer to all those who loved the original Victoria magazine the chance to share a story about their Victoria experience. It has been quite a full fall and winter with first one thing and then another (my latest diversion has been a severe case of bronchitis which developed on the heels of my January surgery.) But I have spent this last week working on the new blog, designing a header and layout for the pages, and writing my own Victoria story. So now it is done, and I wanted to share Remembering Victoria with those of you who might have an interest or might know someone else with an interest.

Please click on the picture below to go to the new Remembering Victoria blog.

If you would like to share your story with me and would allow me to share it on the new blog, please send an e-mail to me here. Also for those who are willing, would you pass the word on your own blog that I am looking for stories? It would be much appreciated. And feel free to use the picture above. I am interested in hearing from as many as want to share their stories.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artwork 2009 - Year in Review

Since I never got around to posting my commissioned work from December, I decided to just make a slideshow of highlights of my artwork from the year. That way, for those of you who are interested, you can look at the ones you want to look at or skip to the next one. I finished a new commissioned piece yesterday, which I shipped off earlier today. It will be a nice Valentine's Day surprise from a wife to a husband. I thought that was sweet for her to do that as a surprise for him... a drawing of the house he and she built together. I will post that one later, but for now here are the commissions as well as other artwork from 2009.