Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Birthing a (virtual) baby

So, I have been as busy as a bee with "birthing" a new website for a dear friend and fellow fine artist.  She is an amazing person, and I am thrilled that she wanted me to design a website to showcase her art.  She and I worked together in the corporate world MANY moons ago, briefly.  Her beautiful given name is Leonora, but her friends and family call her "Nono" and it was only appropriate that her site be titled "Art by Nono."

When I am designing a site, I become immersed in the process and barely come up for air until everything is JUST as I want it to be.  With this particular site, that meant hours of scanning artwork and getting the right images in the right spots.  She has also written a devotional book, which integrates her artwork interspersed with some of her inspirational writing, that I included on its own page.

I absolutely love the design process and the immersive nature of tweaking and coding and tweaking and coding, in order to get everything to behave just as I want it to. This requires patience with the structures that I must work within, as well as knowledge of how to tweak those structures to get the look and feel that I want.  It is always a challenge, but that is where my design juices and determination come to life.  Launching a new site is always exciting, and it is especially rewarding when the client is so thrilled with the result.

Now that I am up for air, I will be visiting in your neighborhoods!  :)