Sunday, July 11, 2010

Must've been His timing...

A year and a half ago we put our house on the market. At the time we prayed that the Lord would help us to sell it if it was His will for us to move. It was on the market for 9 months. We showed the house over 50 times (no, that is not a typo and I have the realtors' cards to prove it). Not a bite, not an offer, not even a sniff. It's a lovely house, in a nice neighborhood, and was not over-priced. We took it off the market last summer.

A month ago my in-laws put their house on the market. They showed it twice. The first people who looked at it made an offer, and then in about three weeks' time they closed the deal. And just like that, they're living with us for a few weeks until they can get into their new place. We (as well as the two of them) have had a complete upheaval in a month's time. So there are seven of us living in our lovely home. Fortunately I dearly love my in-laws, and we are having a great time. Still, moving an entire house full of belongings/furniture and rearranging my own home were not in the plans for these past four weeks. And yet, they were obviously in His plan.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer and staying out of the heat. It has been fairly miserable here the past week or so. But, artwork is keeping me inside. I will post some pictures of my most recent commissions soon. And I am taking a painting class with my mother on Tuesdays. Here's one of my recent paintings from the class...