Thursday, November 11, 2010

Whew... I can breathe again!!

For the past four weeks, I have literally worked day and night on my newest website design. I can honestly say that many days it was 9 am until midnight. I am happy to announce the birth (and in some ways it indeed did feel like of

Many of the graphics I "drew" on the computer, including all the little banners, buttons, and of course the background wallpaper. Her logo is designed by a very talented visual artist, Julia Azar, and she wanted her website to feel very much like her logo... a bit free, hand-drawn, and very welcoming.

So that was the look for which we were aiming. I incorporated a Blogger Blog, a separate "Gratitudes" (devotional) page, a Prayer Request page, and a Shopping Cart.... on top of the other five main website pages (Music, About, Contact, and Stories) . I know a lot of web design companies have different people in charge of doing all those different tasks, but there is only one of me. Which means, I get to do it all. Design is such fun, but it is not easy. There were times of extreme migraine and then times of delight. But, here we are with our new "baby" to share with the world (wide web).

I tell a short story about my relationship with Nancy and how her music has personally been a blessing in my own life HERE. Years before I knew who she was, her music was impacting my famiy. I would love it if you -- my wonderful blog friends -- would take a look around the site. (And while you're there, if you see anything that's not just right please let me know!) I hope that you'll be blessed because you visited.

Now it's time to get back to the drawing board.