Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank You and A Christmas Tour

I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers, and wishes for a speedy recovery! I am well now and back to good health. Though it took a while to shake this and the timing was inconvenient, I am thankful to be better. Hope you are all managing to dodge this round of nastiness.

I am working diligently on commissioned artwork which must be completed in a timely fashion in order for my clients to have them before Christmas. So, blogging is taking as dismal backseat to getting those things done. I will be posting pictures once the artwork has been gifted and sent away to new homes. For now, I will try to do a series of posts showing some of my Christmas decor.

First, we'll begin with "my" tree... this one is in our living room and is decorated with gold, silver, white, and crystal ornaments. It has many heirloom ornaments and a few that I made specifically for this tree which you'll see in the last few photos.

The pinecone ornament is made from two small pinecones which are sprayed with gold paint and hot glued to either end of a gold braided cord. The seashells above are spraypainted gold and silver. I then hot-glued a small ribbon to the top. Once the glue dried, I used hot glue to attach strung pearls spiraling around the looped ribbon and covering the glue. This has proven to have held for many years now.

Thanks for joining me for the tour!

From Charm & Grace Cottage


  1. Christi, I am glad that you are back and feeling better. Your Christmas decorations are lovely!
    Christmas blessings,

  2. Christi, you've been missed! I'm so happy that you are feeling better. Sounds like your flu was a doozy. Your Christmas tree is beautiful.


  3. Your tree looks heavenly; I can't wait to see the art work.

    We all are a tad bit busy this time of the year =/ I am sure we will all catch up in Jan.

  4. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! I could stare at its glittering loveliness forever.


  5. Dear Christi..glad you are back!
    Hope you feel better. Love your Christmas tree..Take care now..:)

  6. Your tree is so lovely, filled with beautiful ornaments.

    Take good care! :)

  7. Very nicely done! YOu have quite a talent.

  8. Oh your tree is gorgeous! The pinecone ornament is sweet and sounds pretty do-able.

    So glad that you are feeling better. Now godspeed on your projects!

  9. What a gorgeous tree Christi...I hope you and your family will have a wonderful holiday season.

    I'll look forward to seeing the special orders you are working on. Glad you are feeling better.