Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh From the Garden... errr, Drawing Board

I will post the artwork from the show in future posts, but thought I would post this piece I just finished yesterday. I have begun experimenting with pastels and love the way they worked for the soft petals of this rose:

I pray that you are all having a blessed week!


  1. I just tried my hand at some water color roses on vacation...arrrrgghh

    I think pastels might be easier to control. I have not worked with them much myself. Lovely work!

  2. It's just gorgeous, Christi.


  3. It looked so beautifully realistic that I thought I was looking at a rose in your garden. Scrumptious!

  4. Welcome back Christi.

    Stunning, truly stunning. God has blessed you.

    I was reading through your previous post. It sounds like third time was a charm. I am thinking about doing some craft fairs this fall. Not sure about it but if He leads, I will follow.

    Hugs to you,