Sunday, December 13, 2009

With 1 1/2 to go... some poetry for the season

I have nearly completed my commissioned pieces (14 1/2 down and 1 1/2 to go) and am looking forward to really catching up with some of you. I know there are wonderful Christmas posts I am missing right now, but I must press on to get the artwork done by promised deadlines.

In light of things I haven't accomplished this Christmas season... this morning I recalled a poem I wrote over ten years ago (I can hardly believe that, as I type the words.) December, for me, does not just contain Christmas, but three family birthdays and our wedding anniversary just five days before Christmas Day. The Christmas I wrote this was a Christmas when I felt particularly stressed, pulled in every direction, disorganized, and just generally had gotten things quite out of perspective. Sometimes when that happens, poetry just comes pouring out of me. This was one of those times.

I have revisited some of those feelings this year, as I am barreling down on deadlines... and my living room tree still stands there with lights but no ornaments... and my dining room table centerpiece still holds the Pilgrims from Thanksgiving... and I have baked not one single cookie or goodies, nor made my traditional red Christmas punch. How did it get to be the Sunday before the Sunday before Christmas? With all these things swirling about in my brain, I began to think that I really need to have an attitude check. What about you? Have you been able to reflect on the meaning of Christ's coming?

How Could He Come Here?

Think with me now on this great mystery....
Will you close your eyes and let your heart see?
Can you catch a whiff of the sweet smelling hay,
Or hear His soft breathing while donkeys bray?

Dim light peeking down through cracks in the roof,
From a star that would guide and give wise men proof
Of the Child that was born on a soft bed of earth.
No mere baby this One of heavenly birth!

How could He come to this place ... for what reason?
Was it just so that we could establish a "season"?
If He were to come into our midst today,
What would He think, and what would He say?

Would He understand all our hustle and hurry,
Our lives filled with "world-centered" Christmas time worry?
He'd surely cry, "No! This is not why I came."
We do all these things claiming they’re in His Name.

But, His heart's cry for us is to gaze upon Him,
Our energy spent just to worship the Lamb!
Oh, Lord, help us only to focus on You
With all of our hearts as You ask us to do.

copyright 1998
Christi Bunn

May God reveal Himself in new and fresh ways to each of us this season, so that we can reflect Him as He deserves.



  1. Yippee! You're almost there!

    I've learned over the years that what gets done, gets done and what doesn't doesn't. Not very profound, but there comes a point a few days before Christmas when I just declare things DONE. And I don't work into the wee hours. Cookies can be baked in January as well as in December.

    Lovely poem with a lovely message.


  2. What a lovely poem! We just spent a very busy weekend putting on a huge event at our church. All those volunteering spent two days at church helping with the concert, drama, choirs, children choirs and puppet shows in order to proclaim the reason for the Lord's coming. I have never spent a more well-worth time! The Lord really helped us get our part done and it was all so God honoring! "We loved it," we said as we fell into bed last night.

    I hope that you get all your projects done on time and still be able to enjoy the season.

  3. That's perfect. Perfect for all of us Marthas who need to be more like Marys. Wow! You have had a lot of work to do. Fantastic!