Sunday, February 28, 2010

A(n art) Room of One's Own...

Long, long ago... (last August, to be exact) I posted about redoing what was then my living room, in order to turn it into an art/office space. The room was more parlour than living room and was rarely ever used. The color of the walls was a dark burgundy... not the kind of space that would be conducive to doing detailed artwork.

With no overhead lighting and only one window, this space would need a serious overhaul. This has been a challeging and very, very busy fall and winter. I have had many commissions, health issues, and a lot of things going on with my children and their activities. But, finally last week I got an early birthday present.

I am moving from this space in the corner of my dining room...

...and with a generous helping of "Provence Cream"

and a little help from this...

...I now have this

and tomorrow I will celebrate by enjoying doing my artwork in a room of my very own!

Happy birthday to me!! :)


  1. Oh I am so happy for you! What a beautiful studio so bright and cheery! You're going to love being out of the dining room and working in that gorgeous space you've created. You deserve it, my friend!

  2. Love the bright paint color...and everything looks so pretty. You'll be inspired. :)

  3. What a wonderful studio for you! I know you must be thrilled to pieces. Lovely colour!

  4. What a great room and what a great transformation!


  5. What an incredible transformation. Great work will be done in that new space. Have a wonderful day...Mary

  6. Beautiful paint and beautiful room!
    Do you feel like you have been reborn or is it your actual birthday? Ha! Ha! Everything is beautiful!

  7. Very nice! The light looks wonderful in there!

    Happy Birthday, Christi!!!

  8. Thanks so much to all. Yes, Cheryl, today IS my actual birthday. And it is very exciting to see how much this space opened up with just a little paint!


  9. Just read your "charm and grace" post. I was born and raised in Virginia but lived in Charleston, S.C. prior to moving to the Chicago area. I love Chicago. It's truly a happening place. It is sophisticated. It is cosmopolitan. It doesn't serve up much charm and grace however. I do have the reputation for creating charm and grace in my home and entertaining and my friends admire both qualities. I return to Virginia for two weeks in October to soak up enough charm and grace to keep me going for the next year. I might mention that my "Muse" book group will be discussing "The Help" this month. It is a powerful book and one I think should be on every southerner's reading list. Not much charm and grace in it I'm afraid!!

  10. Chisti, I am so excited for you! Happy Birthday. What a wonderful room. When we retired, I left a very nice room I had turned into a, I love my little house, but my painting is done in the Laundry Room on the Washer!!!

    I know much love and art will be created in that room.


  11. Congrats on your new and very lovely art room Christi. It is so important to have your own space when it comes to being creative.


  12. Congratulations!! I couldn't think of a happier birthday present. I know you will love working there. xo Lidy

  13. Oh Christi... what a wonderful space you have creatied... it really helps when you have room to do the things you love... congratulations on a job well done...

    Happy Birthday!


  14. Hi Christi,

    First of all, thank you for the BD wishes for Jeff AND happy birthday to you.

    I love your studio. Honey, I know you will create so many fantastic pieces of artwork there. Good job.

    Big hugs,

  15. Happy Belated Birthday dear Bliss Sister! Mine was the 26th--February was a good month!

    What a great birthday present, and so exciting! Your new space is open and airy with beautiful floors. It's just the thing to get your creative juices flowing.

    Mine is still my dining room table....but I might latch on to my son's bedroom when he leaves for college this fall....

  16. Christi, thanks for your sweet and encouraging note to me on my blog. I feel hugged. :)

  17. Beautiful. Amazing what a little paint can do.
    Happy Birthday.

  18. lovely! you will be a brilliant artist