Sunday, March 24, 2013

Art As Ministry

Recently, I had the opportunity to use my artwork for ministry.  It is truly a blessing to be able to do that.  One of my dear friends who lives in the community that was devastated by the tornadoes of April 2011, had rescued a few shards of lumber from some of his friends' houses after the storm.  He is also a carpenter, and he makes beautiful frames for artwork.  He asked me if I would draw pictures of the houses that had been destroyed, while he set about making frames from the wood he had rescued.  What a privilege to be able to restore a bit of joy to those who lost so much.  Once they were done, the first one was presented to one of the neighbors at the dedication of his new home... a home that had been rebuilt by volunteers of a ministry organization called L.O.V.E. (Locally Organized Volunteer Effort).  L.O.V.E. has been working in the community in the aftermath of the storms to restore the homes of those who want to rebuild where there homes had been.

The second drawing (above) was done for some close friends of both our families.  The husband was actually in our wedding, and my husband was in their wedding.  They lost their home in the tornado, lived 20 miles away for many months, and finally bought a home and moved back into the community.  They are happily settled into their really beautiful new home.  My friend (who makes the frames) took some of the undamaged wood he had rescued from the pile of rubble that had been their home and crafted a beautiful frame for the drawing.  This was truly a labor of love.  They were touched beyond words at the gesture... and now the artwork, the drawing of their home that was destroyed combined with the frame made from the wood taken from it, hangs as a reminder of God's blessing of their first home and His faithfulness to them in the aftermath of the storm.

In the months leading up to Christmas 2012, I had the privilege of doing a large commissioned piece for a church in Columbus, Georgia.  The church had moved about quite a bit in their time together meeting first in a home, then in a hotel, next in a school, then in a theatre, next in a car dealership, and lastly in a daycare facility.  And now they have finally built their own new building.  They wanted a piece of artwork that would commemorate their journey, and I was asked to do the art.  This is the result...

I am so thankful to the Lord that He has allowed me to find ways to use the gifts He has given me to bless others in His name.  Architectural artwork may seem a bit on the boring side, but churches and homes are structures where some of the most important parts of our lives take place.  What a joy to be able to bless others by sharing the gift of memories.

I know it's been a while... I have a LOT of catching up to do here, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I have visited some of you and either left a comment or not (in most cases not), but I am still thankful for my blog friends and think of you all often.



  1. How lovely to see both a post from you pop up in my reader AND a comment on my blog. Your artwork is lovely, Christi. I do love architectural prints and yours are really something special. How wonderful to be able to use your art as a gift to bless others. Your friend's idea to make the frames from the rubble is an inspired idea.

  2. Dear Christi,

    What a lovely treat to find your comment on my giveaway post.

    It's been such a long time since we've chatted. I see that I'm not the only blogger who's been away from their you and me, many others seem to be away too. And now we're coming back into the circle. It's nice!

    I am so excited to read about your art ministry. Beautiful work you create and what a precious thing you are doing with your gift for those who have lost so much.

    Mmmm... you mentioned when you came to visit about your past desire to rekindle Victoria memories and how it fizzled. I was one of those who 'promised' to do something for you and never did. I still have that email when we chatted about it a few years ago.

    If you are still interested in a posting, I would be delighted to fulfill my promise at this time.

    Who knows, maybe 'tis the perfect season.

    I want to wish you the best for the draw on Friday... here's hoping!

    And wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.


  3. Lovely drawing. I really can't do straight lines, I can't draw buildings.

  4. Hi Honey! I'm not sure if you will see this or not. Thank you for your encouragement and your