Sunday, October 29, 2017

My latest commissioned works

These are a few of my most recent commissioned pieces.

Antebellum Historical Home

This is a historical home in a rural area not too far from our city.  It is an antebellum home that I was asked to draw as a gift for the owner by his daughter.  I absolutely love the architecture and character of this home, with the gingerbread detailing around the porch and long windows across the front. I love doing historical homes, especially ones that I know have been around hundreds of years.

IMG_2665 LG

JimRotch SCAN cleaned 1500px

And here it is (below) hung in the home of the happy new owner. 


Lovely Brick Architecture

This was a commission as a gift for my client’s parents.  I love the architecture of this home.  Drawing all those bricks can be a little tedious, but I really do enjoy it.  I know that it would drive some artists crazy, but it’s the architectural details that I just love about these pieces.



For One of My Bridesmaids

One of my sweet friends from college, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding 30 years ago, wanted to surprise her husband with a drawing of the house they have lived and raised their three girls in for close to 20 years.  What a joy to do that for her.



It’s such a privilege to get to be a part of these types of gift giving and surprises in honor of special events in people’s lives.  I am so thankful the Lord has allowed me to do something I love doing so much.. 

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  1. You draw to perfection, my friend! Your drawings actually make their home look so much better than they are. The one photo has an arch and I didn't see it until I looked at your drawing. Your work is exquisite.