Thursday, September 3, 2009

FALLing into my nest...

I love autumn... love the cool nip in the air that comes and goes... the gentle breezes that sooner or later blow the leaves from the trees...

the myriad colors of the leaves as they begin to fall all around...

that the shadows grow longer and longer... the brilliance of the sunset...

the scent of fresh apple cider, pumpkin spice, and even the scent of burning leaves...

the vivid colors of chrysanthemums on porches... that there is a need to come in from the chill to the first fire of the season...

There is so much about FALL to love! Melissa, at The Inspired Room is hosting links to Fall Nesting. If you haven't discovered The Inspired Room, you must go and check out what you've been missing.


  1. I will go give this a check out. I must admit I love to hang onto summer for all it is worth...because fall as lovely as it is means my garden will be going to sleep too soon :(

  2. Hi Christi, lovely photos you are showing today... I wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely holiday weekend.


  3. I really have a tough time letting go of summer. I grieve for a few weeks every fall until I get into the step with things.

    I love your pictures and especially that beautiful pie! YUM! I can smell it from here!

  4. What wonderful images...This makes me so happy that fall is near:-)

  5. How warm and cozy! Okay, now I am really ready for fall :)

  6. Beautiful pics. Fall is a wonderful time. A welcome relief after the heat of summer.


  7. I totally agree with you. Love the smells of Fall even the burning leaves. That pie looks delicious
    and your foliage shots are gorgeous!