Monday, March 8, 2010

A Lovely Day at Miss Rosemarie's

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I am still nesting in my new artroom... pictures to follow at a later date. But this past Friday morning I set out for a much anticipated late birthday lunch date with my mother at our local tearoom. This is a lovely, quaint spot about halfway between each of our houses. Along with the delicious foods that are made and served daily, they also blend and sell loose teas of many varieties.

This was the table for two (below) where we were seated. We looked over the menu which offered a wide variety of treats... from quiche to crepes to chilled pear soup to salads. For our lunches we settled on tomato basil quiche, crabmeat crepes, and spring mix salad. Then we were looking at the list of teas and trying to decide which one to have with our meal. My mother spotted one called "Parisian Lights" which was a blend of black tea, oil of bergamot, black currant and caramel, and citrus. We thought this sounded good, but our server brought over the tin for us so that we could sample the aroma. Let me assure you, it was love at first whiff.

The lunch was delicious... every last bite. And the tea was so special that I decided I needed to have a tin for myself. As the proprietress passed our table, out of curiousity I asked if she knew of Harney & Sons teas. (If you are not familiar with them, then you must check out this post from Nancy Lindemeyer's blog.) She told me that she not only knew of Harney & Sons teas, but that she purchased a lot of her teas from them.

Which led me to ask my next question, "Is your 'Parisian Lights' tea similar to their 'Paris' tea?" She told me that it was one and the same. This was so funny to me because I had just read Nancy's post in the past couple of weeks, and then I had also heard several others mention their love of this particular blend of tea. If you haven't tried "Paris" by Harney & Sons, then by all means order some today!

This is an article about Miss Rosemarie's Tearoom in Tea Time magazine. And from reading Nancy Lindemeyer's blog, I learned that Victoria magazine and Harney & Sons both got their start together in the mid 1980's and that Victoria featured Harney & Sons more than once in "The Charms of Tea" section of the magazine... once again showing the far-reaching impact of Victoria.

About that... I am still looking for stories about Victoria for the Remembering Victoria blog. Your story may not be earth-shattering, but it doesn't have to be. Did the magazine give you inspiration for your current bliss business? Did it make an impact on your everyday life? How did you feel when you received your copy in the mail each month? I just want to share the different ways the magazine had an impact on each of us, even if it was merely that you delighted in going to your mailbox that one time a month to find her waiting. I'd love to hear from you!!



  1. Oh I almost feel as if I had been along with you. Wonderful post on a wonderful tea room. They just don't make them like this in our corner. I'll try to remember that tea flavor just in case. Because, as you say, there are interesting connections in life.

  2. Hi Christi, what a wonderful birthday celebration...I love tea rooms and my husband and I go whenever we can, we really both enjoy the experience.

    Ah, all I drink is Harney Tea, I've been ordering from them for years and must buy about a ton of loose tea there each year (I'm quite sure I've put the owner's child through college by now ). They are, in my opinion, the finest teas available on the market today.

    I loved your lovely photos of the tearoom...just wonderful.


  3. Oh how lovely ~~ Just jumped into the pictures and joined you for tea.

    I love Marco Polo tea from France. Their Wedding Imperial is good, and so is their defruta.

    Thanks for divine post and wonderful narrative of the goodies.

    Yummmmm! :)

  4. I love tea rooms and the one you visited looks simply divine! You must have had a lovely day there celebrating your birthday. What a lovely place.

  5. Hearty felicitations of the day, even in a belated fashion. :)

    You sound good! And you make me smile.

  6. Looks a lovely place to have lunch and tea and the menu sounds inviting. Glad you enjoyed your late birthday celebration and here I am sending belated Birthday wishes.

    I am not sure that the tea would be my choice. I like a good Assam (black tea) unadulerated with other flavours.

  7. That is a beautiful tea room! I am going to have to try to find you tea recommendation. If you and Victoria like it, it must be worth checking into!

    Happy Birthday to you friend.

    I am really looking forward to your art room reveal!

  8. How wonderful, and the tea room is beautiful! I'm off to visit your Victoria blog...
    enjoy your weekend!

  9. What a beautiful post. I felt like I was there with you. won, you won!
    Please email your address and your goodies will go out Asap.

    love ya,