Friday, March 19, 2010

I Win, I Win... Thank You, Barb!!

Barb, of The French Elements blog, had a giveaway last week. Now, Barb is a special blogging friend who is just an amazing woman in so many ways. She is a kindred spirit and never fails to lift me up with such encouraging words in her comments here. Along with her blog, she has a business called "The French Elements" where she offers all sorts of beautiful, French and Old World-inspired treasures. If you haven't visted her before, then you must go now!

She has had several giveaways before which I have entered and not won. In fact, it is rare that I win anything. So, imagine my glee to find that I had won her latest giveaway. And this (below) was what I found waiting on my front porch.

Of course, I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

It was packaged beautifully and well-padded so there would be no shifting around during shipping.

And as any good Francophile would do, she wrapped the boxes in this scrumptious toile tissue paper. Lovely!

The first thing I opened were these (above) royal magnets! I love magnets and these are just too pretty with crowns on a French blue background.

The next box I opened contained this wonderful (above) Precision Chanel facial scrub. I can't wait to try that!

Then I opened the third package (below) and found another Precision Chanel product, a facial masque. (I know we spell it mask, but don't you just like masque better?)

And then there was this beautifully embroidered pillow with a golden key. I know where that one is going... I have a special spot already picked out for it... in my art room, of course!

All the loot (below).

Thank you, thank you, Barb!! You are the best!!



  1. Yay Christi!

    I'm so glad you liked your goodies.
    Chanel Precision skincare is fantastic. I know you will enjoy it (especially the Masque).
    I"m so happy that the pillow will be in your art room. I think it will fit right in.

    Enjoy the loot and have a Blessed weekend.

    love ya,

  2. Very nice giveaway enjoy!

  3. Barb is a sweetheart...what lovely things to gift you with! And, really, you so deserve a win! Enjoy your masque...yes, it does seem better spelled that way and your lovely pillow and the magnets...

  4. Bet you feel downright elegant, now, don't you? I'm so happy for you....what a lovely treat to have on the doorstep! :)

    And nobody more deserving than you, sweet Christi.

  5. Well that is the best "Give*Away" ever. Can't think of anyone I'd rather see win it! Enjoy your blessing, as you bring much joy and blessings to your readers.

    Love and Hugs

    PS I must go visit Barb!

  6. Oh my Christi ~ that's a wonderful prize!

    I hope you are doing well. I'm finally making rounds and checking in.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Congrats...and have a wonderful weekend enjoying your goodies!!!

  8. What an awesome win! Such wonderful gifts.....enjoy!
    Herbal Blessings....Mandy

  9. Hi Christi, your artroom in the below post is looking so beautiful, I like all the finishing touches you've added. Congrats on winning this lovely give away...enjoy your goodies.


  10. What a beautiful giveaway to win. Congratulations. Barb's giveaways are alsways good.
    I won't say I am jealous but.........I'm glad you won if it could not be me.