Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kidnapped by LIFE ... again

I suppose it will be this way for a while yet ...three teenagers, three cars, and one car in the shop... too many places to be ...all at the same time. Life has gotten so busy that it kidnapped me, once again, and took me away from my blogging adventure. I love blogging... I really do. But, I just don't have the time for it that I would like to. My family is top priority, and they have schedules to keep. On top of those schedules, I have had three new commissioned pieces to come up in these last few weeks. Yay! So my life is planning itself... and blogging hasn't been in its schedule... until now.

My beautiful daughter has been busy with ballet, and her mom has been busy taking her here, there and everywhere. The result was a spectacular performance of "The Battle for Lucinda's Heart."

Modern dance... "Merrymakers"

Traditional ballet... "Spirits of Darkness"

Then there have been more art shows and three new commissioned pieces... unusual this time of year. In addition, I have built an entire website for a new client since my last post, along with some unusually large updates to other sites that I maintain. Life is definitely an adventure!

Blessings to all my dear blogging friends,


  1. I could totally relate to your phrase 'kidnapped by life' as I've felt a little like that too.

    Your life is busy, but it sounds delightfully fruitful too.

    Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!

  2. Not only are you busy, everyone in the family is busy! Well, real life always takes priority over Blogland...always. Still and all it's lovely to visit with you again. Are you going to let us know which darling dancer is yours?

  3. Oh how I love when God plans our lives, and we can sit in the passenger seat.

    Love your sweet Ballerina pictures. We have a dear friend who's daughter is going to Ballet in Salt Lake City this summer to see if she will be chosen to go with a tour group!
    Yeah for Ballerina.... they brighten up our world.

  4. Vee, in the second picture she's the one with her chin resting on her hand.

    :) Christi

  5. You have been busy, but it was nice hearing from you. Thank you for coming by and for your sweet comment.

    I am doing very well, but now my hubby has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. They have caught it in the early stages so we can be thankful for that.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend with your family.

  6. Had to come back to see the lovely "really red redhead" now don'tcha know. What a joy it must be to see her dancing and doing what she loves! Oh! I see you left me a message just in case I had it wrong, but I didn't!

  7. Hi Christi, I know what ya mean...sometimes things get so busy, it is hard to find the time or energy to blog...sometimes we just plain need a break from it all too. Enjoy spending time with your family.


  8. Hi Christi,

    I can relate, i can relate. Sometimes it seems like we have been ambushed by life. In a good way. You have your priorities straight.
    Blogging is way down on my list. Times change and you roll with the changes.

    I am so excited for all the positive things that have come your way.

    big hugs and prayers,

  9. HI Christie, No one talks to me in the group, so I thought about it carefully and realised that I have little in common with anyone there, and then thought about it some more. I have been considering this move for some time. Weighing it carefully. I guess I am in another season in my life now.
    thanks for asking.
    Jane in Australia (I hope this wont publish, or you can delete it - I couldnt see how how else to reach you.)

  10. Take your time, I just enjoy when you are here.

    Life can get very busy with me and there are only the two of us so with your work and family still at home I can imagine.

    Thanks for your visit to me anyhow Christi.