Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

It has been a really interesting spring, and I am looking forward to summer days. I have just completed one of the commissioned drawings that I have currently been working on. It is a beautiful local home, and the residents are moving due to job relocation. She wanted a drawing to remember it by. I was so pleased that she asked me to do it for her.

Hope you're all having a greatly blessed week!


  1. What a lovely drawing! What a great way to remember a place someone once called home.

  2. You're so gifted...and so much fun to see the photo and then your drawings. There's joy all through it! :)

  3. This is a beautiful memento of a home where people loved, cried and laughed.
    So glad to see your blog pop up in my list today.

  4. Hi Christi,

    I am so glad you dropped by. Your comment made me blush a bit.
    Honey, the drawing will be treasured by your clients. You captured the soul of the home. This does not surprise me because God has Blessed you with talent galore.

    big hugs,

  5. That will be a wonderful way for her to remember her sweet cottage. I hope that she finds another just as dear to her heart. You must help lots of folks with transitions. Say! I was very happy to have your visit...especially today. ;>

  6. This lady must have loved her little cottage. She will certainly treasure your work.

    Thank you for coming by and visiting a little. It is always a job to hear from you. Thank you for your prayers for my dear Alan. His surgery will be July 8.

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday tomorrow.

  7. Your customers home came out beautfully Christi, I know she will love it or already does.

    Spring is a lovely time to create, very inspiring...enjoy.


  8. Your detail is so wonderful. Working with loose watercolor, I sometimes long to be able to have the patience to do what you do.

    What a talent and gift God has given you.

    I always love to see your comments on my blog...thanks for visiting.

    Love and Hugs