Friday, June 18, 2010

Unselfish Flowers

This beautiful snowflake hydrangea hangs its head so elegantly...

These Asiatic lilies have the most wonderful scent, very light and clean...

Is there a more unselfish flowering plant than a daylily? They require so little, yet give so much.

And now, most everything in my yard is green. Just green. Which is not so bad really. But, oh how I appreciate the generous flowers (that don't have to be sprayed, watered constantly, pruned, and generally tended) that bloom and bring such beauty and color to my home and yard.


  1. Your flowers are so pretty (that sounds like such an understatement!) and I'm esp. taken with the peach-colored lilies I'm seeing around town (and some of your colors as well). Our neighbor has the old-fashioned day lilies--the orange---but the softer colors certainly are appealing.

    Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL! :)

  2. Beautiful, and lovely all of them. I love the lilies but those little brown centers, can sure spoil a white blouse. I have to be careful when carrying one of those bouquets.

    Have a great Weekend.

    Love and Hugs

  3. Wonderful photography and beautiful subjects. The way you describe daylilies...well I know I like them a lot, but now I'll like them even more. I do need more varieties. (Ever consider sharing on Mary's Mosaic Monday? These would be lovely in a mosaic. Oh! And to share your own art work in a mosaic would be yumminess, too.)

  4. Love all the flowers Christi...enjoy them.


  5. Beautiful lillies b ut I am so affected by the frangrance (eyes strea, cough and sneeze) that I can almost smell them just looking at the photos.

    Pray for Alan that there will be no more bleeding and that his further admission for tests will come soon and that they can deal with whatever they find quickly. Peace for me too please and the ability to relax.

  6. Your flower pictures and your artwork are beautiful. Gardens continue to surprise me.

  7. I have always wanted to grow a snowflake hydrangea, any hydrangea really. They just don't seem to like me :)

    Your flowers are wonderful, do stop a moment to enjoy (note to self) :)

    The lily photos make me want to come out of the garden and go inside and pick up a paint brush...just lovely!

    Blessings Christi

  8. What pretty flowers you have. They grace your garden so beautifully. And I'm sure they bloom the more for being appreciated.