Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Speaking of Spinning... and Not Being Antisocial

Does social media make your head spin, or is it just me?  

Photo credit: Hali Newberry Photography
My first foray in the social media world was Facebook.  Ahhh... what a great tool for connecting with all those friends from different eras of my past.  I really do love that aspect of it.  And, now that I have a 3 month-old nephew whom I never get to see in person (seriously, have you ever seen a baseball that cute???), it is a great way for me to "virtually" watch him grow.  But, Facebook really is so here today and gone tomorrow... and even though it saves my things, I have a hard time going back and finding something my friends have posted.  When I check Facebook, one minute something is there and the next it is gone.  I think to myself, "Wait, I wanted to read that."  Have you had a conversation with someone you wish you could go back and reread? I sure have... but, the posts just keep on scrolling ...and scrolling ...and scrolling by.

Then Twitter came along, the place where you can say whatever you want to for the world to see -- or at least your followers -- in 140 characters or less.  I think we can all plainly see why this one didn't work out for me...

Next there was Pinterest... what a great concept: a great visual representation of a link that I want to save.  And, I am such a visual person that it was perfect for me.  You know, the instant recipe keeper for all those delicious looking recipes you see in images all over the internet.  
It was also a great tool for organizationally challenged people looking to improve their organizing skills (me!)  And it was the perfect spot for curating a whole bunch of loveliness in one place.  However, three years down the road half of my image links no longer work.  So that recipe I put off trying for so long still looks great in the image, I just have no idea where the recipe is.  And the organizational site went "poof!" just like my organizational skills.

And then there was Instagram.  Visual instant gratification... "Hey family and friends, look at me doing this or that right now!" ...but with no real conversation (unless you count hashtags... don't even get me started on twentyhashtagsononepicturethaticannotreadbecausetheyallruntogether!!) And again, the images just keep scrolling and scrolling.  If I want to see something from 3 weeks ago I have to 1. remember who posted it, 2. find that person's username, and 3. go look through all their images until I see it.  Too much trouble... I'd rather just move on.

Which brings me right back to where I started ever having conversations online.  I am back here hoping for some meaningful dialogue (or even monologue, should no one care to read it!) interspersed with images and links that hopefully will be more (or less) permanent.  And I am thankful that there are still a number of you who feel the same way!

Not really antisocially,


  1. Oh, you are so spot on about social media. Here today, gone tomorrow, but even though they say that blogging is one in the past, some of us are still here. That, my friend, is a good thing.

    So good to reconnect and see your beautiful works of art. God has certainly gifted you and to give you a ministry in art.

    I haven't found my gift yet, but one thing I like to do is to go to Good Will, purchase a lamp or dish and repaint it to match my décor. Don't laugh, but my house looks like a cozy Good Will store. Ha! Ha!

    You are now on my feed so will return for a chat.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comments. From what I see, you have many gifts... decorating, weather, and blogging just to name a few. Look forward to visiting "Winds of Life" often!

  2. Made me laugh, especially the Twitter hashtag comment. You are definitely spot on with all of it!

    1. Those hashtags just get me every time. Hope you're having a good day today. :)

  3. Made me laugh, especially the Twitter hashtag comment. You are definitely spot on with all of it!

  4. Oh I am so with you on all of it! I didn't find it at all it antisocial or the truth?