Friday, November 4, 2016

Thankful for amazing doctors

I am one who cannot imagine being a doctor or a nurse, so I can't imagine having the courage to operate on another person.  But, I am so very thankful that there are those who are brave enough to do just that, as today it saved my friend's life.  She had an aneurysm that was fairly large and very dangerously thin and bulging. The doctor felt it could have ruptured and put her life in jeopardy at any moment.

She found out about this aneurysm because she had what she thought was a migraine ... for over a month!  She went to her general practitioner who suggested she get an MRI "just in case" and today she had a very intricate surgery to repair the aneurysm.

This was a 7 hour surgery (she was actually in the operating room that long), with a couple hours prep and a few hours in recovery.  Very long day! The doctor came out and told us that it was much larger and more serious than they originally thought and that the location of it in her brain was a very tricky spot.  Yet, he was able to repair the aneurysm, and he was hopeful that she should recover fully.

We are praising the Lord and thanking Him that someone whom we had never met before was brave enough to learn to do this kind of thing, strong enough to stand there for 7 hours (or however long it might have taken), gifted enough to use his skill and knowledge to accomplish this, so that our friend (who is in her mid-40s and has a husband and two children) will be well again.  Thank You, Lord, for doctors and for being the Great Physician, whether through miraculous healing or through miraculous doctors.


  1. Oh that does sound harrowing... Praising God for His great love and for His healing that worked with this doctor's hands. May the healing continue. Gosh, sometimes migraines are a good thing.

  2. Oh my. Thanks be to God for giving skill to surgeons and medical personnel. So glad it was caught in time.

  3. Oh, Christi, how amazing that she will come through this unscathed! Praise be to God for his great care for her. I love hearing stories like this. It is so encouraging.

  4. I'm thankful with you that they detected the aneurysm in time to take care of it.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my log--I tried to email you but could not find an address. What an encouragement you were to me! Have a good weekend and I trust your friend has a good recovery.