Saturday, November 5, 2016

We need this right now...

So, I have always loved Steven Curtis Chapman's music, and so much of that is due to his rich lyrics.  He has written this song just recently in response to our upcoming election.  I would strongly encourage you to click the link or photo and listen.  It was just what I needed today, and I am afraid I may listen to it a zillion more times in the coming days. No matter what you're going through, God is on the throne...

It's not just applicable for us here in the States, but for all God's children... wherever we may be.  The lyrics are powerful, but even more so when you hear his heart as he sings them:

I hear everybody talking
on the right and on the left,
They're holding out their promises
while we all hold our breath,
and if I did not know better
I would be scared to death,
But God is on the throne.
I know that it all matters
and there's so much at stake
And I know we all need wisdom
for decisions we must make
But there's only one who's making promises that He won't break
And He is on the throne.

He is faithful and true,
everything He says He'll do,
And everything we go through,
He will go with us.
All the kingdoms of man
are in the palm of His hand
So I will not fear, I'll say it loud and clear, so my own heart can hear it
God is on the throne.

Well I've got my fears and worries
like everybody else
I love this country and it's broken
and in desperate need of help
So I'm praying to the one
who has the power to make us well
'Cause He is on the throne

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall,
only one stands through it all
It's the kingdom of
the God of grace and love
And I'm not worried because I know
God is on the throne.



  1. Good Morning, Christi! I know what state you live in but I was wondering if you felt the OK earthquake last night?

    A lot of people and even Christians are so frightened about the future. I didn't go to church yesterday because of health issues, but Alan did. He said that it was a different kind of service. They read readings from Abraham Lincoln and other historic quotes then sang songs and the pastor had a short message. The pastor told the people that if they wanted to say and pray, they could. Alan said that about half the congregation stayed. The church has about 200 people.

    Alan and I talk after breakfast every morning...the luxury of being retired. We think that the reason we are not scared to death is because we have been through so much and have seen show up, work in our behalf when we were so helpless and comfort us when we were alone. Had we not had such experiences, we may be afraid too! Trials produce patience, patience, experience, and experience, HOPE!

    Thank you for sharing the Steven Curtis Chapman song. Just what we all need to hear today!

    1. Did not feel the earthquake... wow! Didn't know about that. So sorry your health issues are keeping you from church, but thankful that you are able to have peace and HOPE in the midst of it. Amazingly encouraging to hear of that many staying after church to pray. May God hear and heal us as a nation. After watching this crazy process for so many months, it is clear that He is our only HOPE! I have no idea how unbelievers navigate this crazy world.

      Continued prayers for you, sweet friend!

  2. We adore him. A few years ago we saw him in concert. It was a very intimate setting and he gave the most powerful testimony! HE has our back, no surprises for Him. Love you. xoxox