Thursday, June 29, 2017

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back...

I thought I would share these baby animals I did (in Prismacolor) for my sweet baby nephew one year ago. It is really hard for me to believe that he is about to be one year old!  I don't get to see him nearly often enough.

Well, my eyes have had a pretty good day today.  But, Tuesday and Wednesday... not so much!  After feeling great on Monday once the bandage lens was removed (I suppose the numbing drops they put in probably gave me a false sense of "everything's great"), the pain and sensitivity returned with a vengeance on Tuesday.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was not much better, but today has been a pretty good day.  I kept a diary with the first surgery, so I should have realized that I was not quite out of the woods with the pain on Monday.  I also probably overdid it reading everything I could on the computer.  Ups and downs with this kind of thing are to be expected.  I am still very thankful it is done and am sure that once the healing is complete, I'll be seeing much better.

I have a blogging friend, Cheryl, who is also going through some real challenges with her eyes.  She had surgery on them today.  If you think of her, would you please say a prayer for her healing.  It is amazing how we can take something for granted (eyes, teeth, etc.) until they begin to fail us.  Then we know JUST how valuable they are.  When it hurts just to blink, well ... just think of how many times you blink!

Along with the surgery, I have found that I am quite allergic to the cleansing wipes they use before various procedures.  After having broken out at the dentist after oral surgery, the eye doctor after eye surgery, and even a very bad rash down my forearm after having blood drawn at my yearly endocrinologist visit (photo at right from that), I finally narrowed it down to the brand of wipes they were using to cleanse my arm before drawing the blood.  The eye doctor and the oral surgeon all used the same ones.  Now, trying to convince your doctor not to wipe down a machine with that wipe before you stick your forehead and chin on it, well that is another thing, not to mention not wiping down your face with it before surgery.  Today I have this same rash on my forehead, chin, eyebrows, undereye area, and even my eyelids!  Hopefully it won't last long, but boy is it uncomfortable!

As always with my original scripture images, you are free to use this graphic by right clicking and copying or saving.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I have enjoyed catching up with a number of you this week! And if you're having a holiday over the coming week, I hope you have a wonderful and safe one!


  1. Oh dear, it's one thing piled upon another - so sorry you are allergic to those wipes. And even more sorry that the eye pain continues. I'm praying for healing and for God's presence to be known in a special way. Hugs.

  2. Thank you, dear Christi, for your prayers. During my eye surgery I awoke and heard the doctor talking to the anesthesiologist. He was saying, "Have you ever seen an eye like that?" The man answered, "No, I don't believe that I have." I went back to sleep again. I never did see the surgeon when I was finished. However, I went to another doctor this morning to have the check. I told him what I heard. He checked my eye and said, "They may have been discussing your bleb. Sometimes surgeons put blebs in different places and to be quite honest, we don't see many patients who have had trabeculectomies." He told me that my eye looked fine. I always awaken during surgery. I guess I should warn the surgeons to watch what they say. Ha! Ha!

    I love your animal pictures. They are adorable! Am praying for your continued healing. And yes, I do believe that it is hard for doctors to realize just how allergic people are to things. Google how those wipes are made and what is in them, then you will be able to inform them and they will have more knowledge.

    I am allergic to toilet paper. I googled how it is made and found out that the new and improved is made with formaldehyde with is a carcinogen to which I am terribly allergic! So, I use the cheap paper. I am allergic to new and improved shampoos. I stick to Johnson Baby Shampoo. Needless to say, I have had a terrible year but now that I know what I am allergic to, it is a new day!

    Have a wonderful weekend and holiday, dear Christi!

  3. That's awful! You poor thing! Can you bring your own wipes?

    Those animal drawings are incredible! You are very talented!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog! I hope you become a 'regular'!

  4. That rash must be so uncomfortable. Hope that you are able to prevail with these facilities to use something else for you. Plain old alcohol wipe perhaps? I'd consider purchasing my own and taking them with me.