Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sorting things out... many questions

I really enjoyed the break from blogging, but I missed all my blogging friends immensely. There are so many wonderful blogs out there that I could never possibly get to them all, but some of you (and I hope you know who you are) are truly special.

I did a lot of thinking during my hiatus, about life and art and the state of our world (and particularly economy.) It seems that for most people/collectors, art is one of those things that seems necessary until funds get squeezed ... and then it becomes a major luxury. I was pondering that and the fact that I truly believe that my artwork is a gift from God. I really want my artwork to be a reflection of the fact that He has put something unique and valuable within me... whether a skill, or the ability to see beauty and capture it, or the ability to weave words together in a pleasing way. I want it to please Him and also please those who are viewing it. Can I have both? I think that is truly a dilemma for me.

I have meditated and wondered "Why now?" ...Why in my early 40s have I had the opportunity ... (and dare I say it... affirmation) to return to doing the artwork after basically neglecting that gift for a number of years? And if I am truly an artist, would I have allowed that gift to lie fallow for those years? In this current economy, can I afford to take the chance on the instability of income that this type of thing brings with it? Will people still be buying artwork with all that is going on... (after all, it isn't necessary to sustain life)? How do I price a piece that my heart and soul goes into? (Despite the state of the economy, I can't give it away... I must use my time and resources wisely.) Why would anyone want to buy something I have done... (there are so many much more talented artists out there)? Is it wiser for me to try to look for a "stable" job or to follow the confirmation of my family, friends, and even strangers who are telling me that my artwork is valuable? (It seems that every time I consider just going out and finding a job, He sends some sort of encouragement about the artwork my way... sometimes in the form of a commissioned piece, or in the form of an e-mail about my work, or a phone call from a friend, etc.)

I suppose in sharing all this, I am really asking for your prayers. Along with so many in our current economy, these are very serious issues with which I am wrestling. I admire and appreciate so many of you, and I would be honored if you have any words of wisdom or if you would simply pray that I would hear clearly from the Lord about this. For now, I will continue to do as much artwork as I can while keeping balance in my life. But for the long run I want to do what is best for my family, and above all what He would have me do. Thanks for letting me ramble.


  1. Oh Christi, it's so important to take the time to read God's word and listen to what He wants to say to you.
    He has gifted you, put the desire to create in your heart and using his gifts honours him.
    Trust, wait, pray, trust. Listen to godly counselors and the Holy Spirit within you.
    "I will guide you with my eye."


  2. I say AMEN to what Lorrie just said.

    The older I get the more I realize that it is not about WHAT we do. It is about our daily relationship with the Lord. We can continue WHAT we do but hold to God's hand while we do. All of us on a daily basis seem to let go of his hand and say, Okay now I can do this one by myself! Ha! Ha! It is a daily battle no matter what we are doing.

    God can sell anything any time he wants to. We sold our house on the eve of the Gulf War. We were watching the war on TV when someone came through the house and bought it.

    Well there is a lot more I could say but Lorrie is right, God can show you.


  3. Christi, I don't think God is perverse that way...to allow you to return to the gifts that He has given you only to have to pack them up and put them away. Your comments above have good advice. If we ask Him for guidance, He will provide it.

    Saying a prayer right now that you will know that you know that you know what direction to take.

  4. Hi Christi, you are not alone in this issue...with this horrible economy, artists everywhere are suffering like never before!

    Of course, only you can decide if art as a business, is for you. Let me say this though,without artists to paint the world in a beautiful way, life would be a bit drab.

    I grapple with all these issues as well but I do know one thing, if you are an artist, creating art is just "in you" and whether or not you want to do it, you must.

    For me, I just feel like even though it is a frustrating profession, I cannot stop, it is my calling and it is who I am.

    I think to remain an artist in these tough times, we need to really shake things up and try new venues we wouldn't have looked to before. For me, I'm trying to get lots of press for my artwork, something I've been working very hard on and also looking outside the usual box of products by making lots of differnt pieces from my paintings. If those things don't work, I'll be looking at yet again, different ways to market myself.

    Hang in there with your beautiful artwork, it takes a lot of courage to be an artist....not for the faint of heart. Your work is worthy, just believe in yourself and keep going...the economy and the world too, will work itself out eventually.


  5. Follow your heart...
    We live in turbulent times and we must go with the flow...I believe some good will come out of this.
    I am very busy with a childrens book...because of the state the economy is in today it will take a long time before this book can be published! It suposed to be happening in the spring next year but now I am not so shure..
    I wish you ..trust and wisdom

  6. The word says that He gives you the desires of your heart. It seems to me that your "art" is a desire that you have. If other doors don't seem to be opening, then believe the "silence" of God and go for your passion. He won't allow you to make a mistake that He can't easily change. Be Blessed.

  7. Christi.... I dont think I can add much to what anyone has said... there are some very good points here

    I too am struggling... with my surgery... with getting motivated to start working again.. with re-opening my website.... wondering if with the economy in the state its in whether I should or not...

    Pricing to me is also an issue because the heart and soul ... sweat and tears that go into each piece I make or each painting I do is created with love and its hard to put a dollar amount on that..... but the amount of time ... money ... and supplies is definitely worth something...

    Go with what your heart tells you .... I think if you listen closely..... your faith will help you find your way...



  8. I truly believe your artistic talent is a gift from God as you do Christi. It is not possible I think to truly put a true price on a beautiful piece of art work. The talent, the time, the heart as you say is beyond price. One end up charging people are willing to pay.

    In the end, it is not what we do but who we are and as Christians we have the life of Christ within us to do and will of His good pleasure. Trust that life within you and see what God is saying to y ou. For myself when it is God speaking it just will not go away.


  9. I agree with reading God's Word and really focus on what He says to you. He is the only true source of wisdom. I also would like to say that things would be so much easier for us if I would just go get a job. However, I know that that is not what God would want. He wants us to trust Him. I am doing that and I am also cutting costs every where I can!! I hope my rambling helps. Bless you.

  10. Hi Christi,

    First of all, I am so glad you are back. I have missed your wonderful posts. You are a very special woman.

    Your gift is just that, a true gift from God. You must listen to what He is telling you. God has given you a gift and he will bring the people to you. I truly believe that and have seen it in my own life many times.

    He is guiding you all the way.

    many, many hugs,