Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Show and Back to Blogging

Popping in for a quick update from the art show...

We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day for our art show last weekend. The skies couldn't have been more blue and the weather was fairly mild. All in all it was a lovely show, although the art market seems not to have really rebounded yet. I did make some good contacts... I had a local hospital representative ask to put some of my work in the hospital. So, I am excited about that. And a local art association wants me to do a program for them about my architectural drawings. I did sell enough to cover my costs for the show. So it was a good day (despite the fact that I missed watching The Masters tournament, one of my favorite sporting events... thank goodness for DVR!)

Hope you're all doing well. Still not much time for blogging as we're gearing upfor a church conference all week next week. Hopefully, I will be back in full blogging mode after that! Please don't give up on me if I haven't visited in a while... I am not gone, just busy!!

Love and blessings,


  1. Having a real life is far preferable to having a cyber one! Don't forget that now...

    Glad that you recouped your expenses, but wish that you had sold out completely. In this economy, I suppose that delights such as art get put on hold.

    Loved seeing the variety in your work and had to take a closer look.

    Catch you when you're available, my friend.

  2. Look at all the work you've produced! What a great display of your talent, Christy.
    Now enjoy the church conference!

  3. I loved looking around in your display tent. Your paintings are lovely. I am glad you made enough money to cover your costs and that you made some connections too.

    Have a great time at your church conference and we will be looking for your return after that.

  4. Hey, we understand totally about life and blogging! (In the midst of such myself.) Glad your show was a success.

    Wishing you happy days.........

  5. Hi Christi, glad you at least made expenses back...shows are such hard work! Your display was lovely...have fun with the church conference.


  6. How fun to browse through your booth and look at all your lovey paintings...

    Enjoy your Church Conference...

    Time enough for blogging later...

  7. Well... they say Rome wasnt built in a day... At least though you made up the cost of your booth space...

    I think the economy is taking its toll but hopefully things will change for the good soon....

    Your work is quite lovely ... I also like your set up... you have displayed it such a lovely way....


  8. Hi Christi,

    Your set up was spectacular and your work..... incredible. I know God was smiling down on you.
    I'm so excited about your new venture. I know I would be inspired seeing your work in a hospital around here. Who knows, maybe someday.

    Jeff and I appreciated your comment. There are Angels out there and I'm so glad they reached out to him.

    Big hugs,

    P.S. It is hard to visit all the blogs I love but you are on my mind and in my prayers regularly.