Friday, April 30, 2010

Petals From the Past Nursery Tour

One of my favorite places to visit is a local nursery called
"Petals From the Past."

Their philosophy is to offer plants that are well established in our area and known for being hardy.

A visit to their nursery is like stepping into wonderland.

They are also set on offering plants like old fashioned roses that don't need spraying, feeding, and pruning unless you just want to. YUM!!

Wysteria is one of my very favorite things... oh, to have this kind of arbor with those beautiful blooms hanging everywhere.

I wish you could smell the wonderful aroma of the air filled with wysteria blossoms.

It was a beautiful day and such a joy to get to view the variety of plants and flowers. Such loveliness in all of God's creation!


  1. Oh Christi ~~ I just pretended I was with you on this fabulous tour of God's Art Work.

    So many beautiful flowers, and each one so unique.. and yes, I could imagine the wonderful fragrances surrounding you...

    Thanks for the tour, it was lovely!

  2. Hi Christi, thanks for the tour of this beautiful nursery...lovely photos.


  3. Wow, makes me want to move my patio furniture in and relax in all that beauty.

  4. Oh pretty. I have to get some wysteria! It is just the prettiest and I could almost smell it from your pics.

    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  5. Thank you, Christi, for taking us on a virtual tour of old fashioned flowers. I love the Wysteria too!
    When it hangs from a grey arbor, it is just beautiful!

    We planted some Wysteria on our grape arbor a couple of years ago. We didn't know that the arbor had not been set in concrete. The Wysteria pulled it over by spring so we had to cut it down and repair the arbor. BooHoo!

  6. Christi,

    Such a delight to see these flowers!
    We are yet a few weeks away from roses here, so can't tell you how special this was to catch a seek peak.
    A wonderful time to share with God.


  7. Oh no...Where is your Victorian Tea Party post??? ;)

  8. In Durham, NC where my daughter lives there is a park that has a huge wisteria gazebo type thing. Yes, they do smell wonderful!

  9. No spraying, feeding or pruning?? Sounds good.