Friday, August 29, 2008

Fruitful Fridays...

More Disney sketching...

More Victoria Magazine inspired artwork... How could any artist not be inspired by the Children's Corner features in these vintage Victorias?
(May 1990 issue.)

White Flowers Series:
Each of these pictures is from a flower featured in Victoria Magazine and has the issue and page number written on the back.

(These are Prismacolor pencil on black matboard.)

(Hollyhock - March 97, p. 85; Rose - March 94, p. 79; Camellia - June 96, p. 44; White Jasmine - January 90, p. 37; Queen Anne's Lace - July 92, p. 45)

Another painting inspired by a photo from Victoria magazine... this is one I worked on a while back.
(March 1990 issue.)


  1. Each is beautiful! You have an incredible talent.

  2. These are just beautiful hard to pick a very favorite one. I love them all. Love your white flower themes.

    I once did an oil painting from a victoria mag cover and gave it to a friend to enjoy. You are right, there is gobs of inspiration in each issue.


  3. What beautiful artwork you do, Christi. I especially like the Queen Anne's lace piece. You've captured the delicacy of the plant so wonderfully.


  4. Hi Christi,

    God has blessed you with so much talent. I can't wait to show Jayde.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. You are such a great artist Christie. These are all beautiful.
    Thanks for your encouraging comments.
    I listened to the You Tube too and loved that.
    Sorry you did not win the giveaway. Just E-mail me your address and I will send you a little something from Yorkshire.

  6. Just beautiful Christi! The Queen Anne's Lace looks so delicate ~ I think it's my favorite!