Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stop, Look, & Listen... heart of a champion

My oldest son has had the privilege of working at a local Paralympic training facility (which is also an official Olympic training facility) this summer. He comes home with inspiring stories and generally just loves this job. With the Olympics winding down and the Paralympics approaching, I thought I would share this incredible story of a double amputee who God is using in amazing ways!


  1. That was an extremely compelling testimony. Thank you for sharing it. How proud you must be of your son who is sharing the stories he sees at work. Interesting work it must be!

  2. Oh Christi,

    I have tears running down my cheeks.
    What an incredible testimony Scott has. God certainly had a plan for his life.
    Years ago, my son was in the local special Olympics. It didn't last long, but I have lots of good memories. Your son has been blessed by working with these incredible athletes and I know he has been a blessing to them.


  3. What a testimony!

    Thanks for sharing.

    FYI, I have changed my blog address. I would hate to lose any of my friends in this move so I would appreciate it so much if you could update any links to me?

    You have a wonderful weekend, dear!


  4. What an inspiring story Christi! Give us so much to think about....thank you for showing it.