Friday, July 11, 2008

Doubly blessed

I received the Arte Y Pico Award a while back from Barb at The French Elements, and today I have received it again from Barbara at Ramblings from an English Garden. These two Barbaras are among my most favorite bloggers, so any award bestowed by them is very precious to me. This award has special significance to me also, because of the meaning of the award:

According to Arte Y Pico, the originator of the award, it is "dedicated to many who nourish and enrich the spirit and creativity. They see dedication, creativity, camaraderie, joy and above all, ART, much art. I wish that this prize is entertaining to all those bloggers and to bloggers who day by day share this space and enrich it a little more each day." What a terrific award...

Thank you to Barbara and if you haven't visited Barbara's world, then you must. She shares from her heart and shares some of the loveliest pictures of a real (her own) English garden and other very beautiful places she visits throughout the beautiful English countryside. It's like getting to go on vacation without leaving home.

Now to pass the award along:

In keeping with Barbara's precedent, since I have received the award once already I am going to bestow it on one blog friend, Cheryl at Cherdecor. Her blog is beautiful in so many ways, but most of all because of her generous caring and sharing spirit. She shares candidly from her life, she gives us glorious pictures of her gardens, she shares spiritual insights and prayers... and just generally is a blessing to the blogging community. All creativity... whether painting, writing, sewing, gardening, etc... is art. And Cheryl is a beautiful artist weaving words and pictures together with grace. Go visit her and tell her I sent you!


  1. Christi, you are so sweet to give me this award. I try not to do the awards because I feel that it elevates some bloggers and not others. I think that every blogger's blog has worth.

    If anyone deserves an award, you certainly do. You blog is so pleasant to read.

    Thank you sweet friend for you love and friendship. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you.
    Blessings to you,

  2. Congratulations on your double blessing! They are well deserved!