Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stormy Weather and Peaceful Calm

So, night before last on a very routine trip to the library, we were caught in one of the most intense summer storms I have seen in a while. The wind was blowing the rain sideways, and things began to blow all over the place. The good news was I had taken my umbrella into the library with me. The bad news was the rain was blowing so hard and horizontally that my umbrella did absolutely no good. As we drove along the lightning became frightening! We were trying to pull out from a traffic light and all of a sudden we saw a transformer blow and blue sparks sprayed everywhere. Fortunately, it was raining cats and dogs so nothing caught on fire.

When we arrived home, we realized our power was off. We couldn't raise the garage door to get our car inside nor could we enter by the regular door as the handle was locked and we had no key for it. This meant someone would have to make the 50 yard dash to go and unlock the front door. So hubby volunteered (bless him) and all the while my DD and I waited in the car watching the trees whipping to and fro in the wind. Hubby finally came down and raised the garage door manually so that I could pull the car in. We were very thankful to be in out of the storm.

My lovely DD11 came to me a little later and told me she had already talked to the Lord about this, but she just wanted me to know that she had taken her eyes off Him for a few minutes during the storm. She had become frightened and just wanted me to know that she was sorry for not trusting Him. It was the sweetest thing, and I honestly didn't quite know what to say. I told her that she can always be honest with God and because He made her, He knows her fears. He gave us these kinds of instincts for our protection. But in our hearts we do trust that whatever happens, our lives are in His hands.

And that is where the peaceful calm comes in... whether in times of complete peace and contentment, or whether in the worst of storms, our lives are in His hands. And there really is no better place to be.


  1. You must have a very tenderhearted daughter! That is just the sweetest thing that she came to you to tell you her fears and how she needed to trust God. I am glad that you all made it home safely and some of you arrived dry! (smiles)

  2. Oh that sky tells all!

    I love that your daughter shared those concerns of hers with you. What you shared with her in return is very special and I doubt that she'll ever forget it.

  3. We've had our share of yucky bad weather today, but nothing like you described. Scary!

    What a sweet moment when your daughter shares her feelings!


  4. What a wonderful story of learning to trust - I think your answer was exactly right. Fear is a human response given by God and it so often helps us to trust Him more.


  5. How very heartwarming! Your daughter is returning gifts to you that you have shared with her. It's a wonderful testament.