Monday, July 28, 2008

Encouraging Mondays...

Sometimes the best encouragement we can get is the encouragement we give away. One of the mysteries of this life is how we can touch those we've never even met through the power of prayer. Today I'd like to ask you, my reader friends, to encourage a couple of my other blogging friends who are going through some really hard things. First I'd like to ask you to pray for Kari & Kijsa, who have lost their dad. He collapsed at a family cookout last Sunday night and then went into a coma for a few short days. Theirs was a precious and sweet relationship and any prayers or words of encouragement you could send their way will help them through this difficult time. Next, I'd like to ask you to pray for Barb's (The French Elements) family. Just days ago Barb's daughter-in-law walked into her mother's home to find her mom had passed away. Also, Barb's other son has been having some health challenges as well. Please keep them in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. And while you are praying, please lift up my dad who will be having a heart catheterization on Tuesday morning at 10:30. I am sure there are others out there who need prayer. Feel free to leave any requests you might have in the comments. I'd like to pray for you, too.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I had not yet heard either concern. I'll be certain to stop by both blogs.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Father I ask right now for your presence to be felt in each and every family represented here. God we know you are with us through the storm. Please comfort and encourage every one. Send comfort in the form of human arms to each home and family in need. Let us be your arms extended.

    Let your healing flow into every physical and emotional need. Let your peace reign.

  3. Christi,

    God Bless you! I am offering up prayers for Kari and Kijsa as well as your family. You are an angel and I feel so blessed to call you a friend.
    Know that your dad will be lifted up right now and throughout.

    many hugs,