Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Gerbera Daisy Day! (and about that word list)

Aren't they some of the happiest flowers!

And now to the answer to yesterday's mystery word list:

The magazine in question (see yesterday's post) is the much beloved Victoria magazine launched by Hearst Publications in 1987, as a Good Housekeeping "spin off." It went on to be one of the most successful magazines in the shortest amount of time in history. Its editor for nearly 15 years was Nancy Lindemeyer. She was a masterful editor with a magical touch. She and John Mack Carter of Hearst brought together an enormously talented staff of photographers, writers, and creative production team. The result was a magazine without parallel. After changing editors in 2000, we saw the magazine's demise in 2003. Hoffman Media has revived Victoria as of December 2007, and she is again winning a new audience of those who love the beauty, charm, and vibrancy of a bygone era.

As for me, I still have all my issues of the magazine. I have carried them with me through six moves and still pull them out to read sometimes by subject matter (i.e. issues on England or Paris) or sometimes by season (Christmas, summer, fall, etc.) It is the only magazine I don't throw away because it is a visual feast as well as a masterful literary compilation. And even better, it is just plain uplifting... a celebration of life and beauty! Thank you, Victoria, for many happy years of viewing and reading pleasure.


  1. I'm so glad Victoria is back. I have lots of old issues, but not all of them. I left piles in Ecuador when we moved to Canada - now I regret that, but there's no use living in the past. I pick up the odd copy here and there in thrift or used book stores.
    Was the word list in your local newspaper? What a wonderful way to advertise.
    Have a "Victoria-inspired" day, Christi.


  2. I love Gerbera Daisies. I have them outside in my landscaping!

  3. Hi Christi, I really love these daisies, I've always thought they were so colorful and lovely...and yes, quite happy flowers. I tried them in my garden a couple years ago and just didn't seem to grow for me, very unfortunately.

    Ah Victoria is one of my favorites as well, I'm so happy it is back in production.

  4. I had guessed Victoria but wasn't confident in my guess...

    Ahh confession is good for the soul, so here goes some more...I too have all my old Victoria Magazines. The only ones I have kept and drug around with me for two moves. I'm glad I am not the only one! My husband has given me quite the hard time about lugging these around :)

  5. Would you believe that I used my Victoria magazines in art work and collages? I can't believe now that I cut them all to pieces. Sigh.