Monday, July 21, 2008

Encouraging Mondays

What encourages you?

What makes your spirit soar?

...your child's smile?

...the way your pet nuzzles up to you?

...the way sunlight comes in a certain window?

...walking down lush green fairways in a round of golf?

...taking brushes and paint and making the colors come alive?

...making it through the last pages of a cherished book?

...a terrific home cooked meal with your family?

...the thought of traveling to some foreign land?

...the sight of morning dew on a rose?

...a hug from your spouse?

...a favorite song?

I hope you'll take a few minutes right now just to let your mind wander to whatever encourages you. After you do this, take a minute to consider how you can encourage someone else.


  1. Thank you for suggesting your readers consider this...I never have and I think it's a valuable thing to do. (You've been very encouraging.)

  2. Hello Christi...first of all, your latest work on the botanical gardens from the post below, is gorgeous...all your drawings are my friend!!!

    This is a lovely and thoughtful post, gets you thinking about the little things in life that are the most important.

  3. Hearing from my children who live far away always encourages me and makes my heart sing. This is a lovely post!

  4. My garden.... my secret garden makes my heart sing with joy!