Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Travel Back in Time With Me...

Back to July 1994
and Victoria Magazine

And now for the piece de resistance! You can go and view this beautiful ship online here:
Sea Cloud

And the beautful movie!


  1. Hi Christi,

    One of my all time favorite magazines. I missed it so much and was thrilled when I found it was being published again. You have good taste my friend.

    How is your dad?

    hugs to you,

  2. Oh I remember that issue. I loved the red striped tent on the beach.

    I noticed you were using a picture from the magazine to draw from. I saved all my issues mainly for the same reason. The photography was just stunning. I will have to go dig mine out for resource material soon. I haven’t really unpacked them from my move….

    Thanks for sharing, I am inspired!