Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Along the Garden Path...

Come join me for a garden party....

There is, of course, a beautiful table of blue hydrangeas and tasty goodies complete with the fattest, freshest strawberries and powdered sugar.

The beautiful sight and scent of gardenias...

A watering can filled with blue hydrangea and white & yellow daisy goodness to greet us at the front door...

A lovely fairy to fill the garden with pixie dust...

A lovely and unusual lacecap hydrangea...

A real garden path on which to walk...

...a little shade and some great conversation!


  1. Breathtaking! I could sit out there all day. It is sooooo hot here-should be 113 or higher today. What a lovely area you have. Enjoy it a little for me-hehe.

    many hugs to you.

  2. Oh I'd love to join you ladies. The watering can arrangement is completely charming!

  3. Love,love,love your watering can arrangement.

    Beautiful garden, so glad you shared it!

  4. I said it earlier but it bears repeating...Beautiful garden!!! Reserve an extra chair, I'm coming over.

  5. Wow! This is a fabulous place. I could sit there for hours. I was sent over by A Woman Who Is. She recommended your blog and I love it. I will be back. Such beauty abounds. Love the fairy. Pixie dust has to be such a good thing!

  6. Is that your yard? GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for putting my little button in your sidebar, you are too sweet. I love that you are a kindred spirit!