Friday, June 27, 2008

Fruitful Fridays...

Here is my latest picture... it is a historical rendering of King's College Chapel at Cambridge, England. tells of its history:

"The Late Gothic King's College Chapel is one of the architectural highlights of Cambridge. Begun in 1446 and completed in stages over the following century, Wordsworth called it "an immense and glorious work of fine intelligence." King's College Chapel's many treasures include rare early 16th-century windows, exquisite fan vaulting, a Renaissance wooden screen, and a painting by Rubens.

Construction on King's College Chapel began in 1446 under King Henry VI's master mason Robert Ely, but ceased in 1461 when Henry was defeated and taken prisoner at the Battle of Towton. Some further progress was made under the king's Yorkist successors between 1476 and 1483. Building work began again in earnest in 1506, after King Henry VII visited Cambridge with his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort. Overseen by John Wastell, the chapel and its stonework were completed by 1515. King's College Chapel was finally completed with the addition of the woodwork and windows under King Henry VIII (d.1547)."

I found all this fascinating and the architecture quite a challenge to render faithfully. I loved this historical photo I found in the public domain.

Notice the horses and carriages in the front of the beautiful structure. It was a challenge, but quite unusual for me that the drawing has a historical effect.

(SIDE NOTE: Favorite Blogger Feature - the ability to schedule posts for future publication so that while I am away this weekend at the Deeper Still Conference in Atlanta, GA, my blog posts will still happen!)


  1. I'll be watching for the blog posts to continue...have a wonderful weekend.

    Your artwork is just wonderful. That is a faithful and excellent sketch of wonderful architecture. It must be a great joy to have the talent to create such a piece.

  2. Just speechless! What a talent God has blessed you with. I will send this link off to Miss Jayde as inspiration for the future.

    Enjoy the conference.

    hugs to you.

  3. What amazing talent! I live close to Cambridge, so it is even more special seeing this! Wow!