Friday, June 20, 2008

Fruitful Fridays: A tribute to a very fruitful artist...

On Fridays I will normally have a post and a challenge to encourage us toward fruitfulness. But today I am paying tribute to one of my favorite artists and authors, Tasha Tudor, who passed away Wednesday. According to the website of WCAX in Vermont, "Tudor lived in Marlboro, surrounded by gardens, in what her family describes as an old-fashioned lifestyle of peace and self-sufficiency. Her detailed, sometimes whimsical, drawings have been featured on greeting cards and dozens of books. Tudor's last book was published in 2002, and it highlighted one of her favorite subjects: corgis. Tasha Tudor was 92 years old."

Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of my mother reading me "The Secret Garden" which was illustrated by Tasha. I also remember her illustrations for Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses." She was probably part of the earliest inspiration for my artistic inclinations. I also have the book "Drawn From New England" by her daughter, Bethany Tudor, which tells the story of her life and her artwork. She was a true pioneer in many senses of the word and an inspiration in both how she lived her life and the excellence with which she did her writing and artwork. She was truly an American treasure and will be missed.

More extensive USA Today article here.


  1. I've read a few tributes to this wonderful woman and yours is another excellent one.

  2. What a talented artist she was. I always enjoyed in the "old" Victoria mag when they would feature her.

    What a lovely tribute.

    Have a very blessed weekend,

  3. Great tribute and beautiful illustrator!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Hi again,
    You have won an award so please stop by when you can.

    hugs to you,