Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from Atlanta and Deeper Still...

On this particular Encouraging Monday... I just have to say that God was so AWESOME in the Deeper Still event this weekend. He SHINED!!! He was awesome in the teaching from three godly, surrendered women. He was awesome in our praise and worship times. He was awesome in the details. One thing that really touched me was how awesome He is in raising up generation after generation (74, 51, & 30-ish?) of submitted, Holy Spirit-gifted women to proclaim His word in fresh ways for those of us who are willing to be taught the Word.

Priscilla, with her 6-month pregnant self, and Kay with her beautiful 74-full-yeared wisdom self, and Beth, 51 and, well, who can really describe her? -- were all amazing as they poured themselves out as a drink offering -- almost literally -- as we watched, took notes as fast as we could, (with some jumping up and down thrown in, thanks to Beth), and tried to take it all in.

(We laughed in the car on the way home that Beth taught in that last session, because only she could have kept that crowd as rapt at attention as we were while fighting that afternoon nap-needing slump after being up all night talking!)

In addition to a very close friend, I got to share this precious time with my mother and my mother-in-love. How precious is that? I can't imagine any ladies I would rather have shared it with. Well, o.k., maybe the other 18,997 ladies! God is great and greatly to be praised.

Deeper still, indeed...


  1. I just saw your blog....(by your comment in "In a Garden". Oh, I am SO envious......was that Kay Arthur and Beth Moore you were talking about??? Oh - how I would have loved to have been there and soaked in the presence of the Lord!!! And there's always plenty of things to think about, surrender, etc. when you hear what these godly women have to say!!! Come visit my blog if you want....I just put in a poem by Beth Moore a few days back about Pride that is so powerful! (I'm TRYing to memorize it!)

  2. Thanks for sharing about your conference. I haven't seen Kay Arthur in years. She looks great. What an amazing time you all had. So special to be joined by some important women in your life.

  3. I longed to be there too. It sounds like the most amazing uplifting experience for all of you who were there. Wonderful!

  4. How wonderful to see that group of women all centered around learning more and going deeper. It simply must have been an incredible experience.

  5. What an amazing opportunity. I love them all. we jsut did Priscilla's study, along with Kay's at our church. and we keep beth going around the clock there. I absolutely love them all, And I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is definitely on the move in the church today. Oh to have eyes to see and ears to hear!

  6. How wonderful that you were able to share this event with the women you love! I can't even begin to imagine how powerful it must have been.
    Praise God!