Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Ballet Bouquet Day!

Aren't these just the happiest colors! These were all flowers from bouquets given to my daughter after her spring ballet recital performance.

Fuchsia daisies, light pink and rosy pink carnations...

Yellow mums, white daisies, pink babies breath, peachy carnations...

Orange-yellow mums, coral carnations...

Chartreuse mums... ?

Is there anything more joyful than watching little ballerinas flit around on a stage? This was a special year for my daughter, as she was not in just one of the performances, but all three throughout the weekend. This is the "mark" of delineation between the younger ballerinas and the older ones. Hence, she really feels that she has "arrived." Thankfully for the mom (me!) she is really only just beginning her upper level training... I am not ready to let go just yet! (Look, I am having a hard enough time with the fact that my oldest will be a senior in high school this year, my middle son will be driving this fall, and she is my baby for heaven's sake!) But I thank God that He has filled her with desire to praise Him with dance. He's writing the poem of her life in such a beautiful way.


  1. "Happy" is a perfect word to describe those lovely flowers!

  2. What a breathtaking bouquet. I imagine she was so excited to receive them. It is a very exciting time for her and God has great plans.

    many hugs,

  3. What a beautiful riot of color that bouquet is! A good reward for hard work at the ballet recital...

  4. What a blessing your little ballerina must be. The bouquet is just beautiful!

    Hugs! Nancy

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